Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Meet Ranger...

... Texas Walker:

Ranger is another new necessary contraption in my life. Ain't technology grand? You should see this one fold... one hopes not under me. What I've learned from this one is that my arms are really, really weak.


  1. We learned that putting tennis balls on the feet (front ones) that the walker will slide better. Not sure if you want that....

    A family friend tied a bulb horn to hers.

  2. ellroon, a slider is not what I'm after... pity; I really like the look of tennis balls on a walker. :)

    This one meets my criteria:

    *must fit through all household doors (it does, though there are some I have to go through sideways),

    * must fold for transit (this one has two modes, a simple fold of the sides into the center, and a super-compact mode presumably for travel),

    * must be light enough for my weak arms (sigh),

    * must be very steady (it is, except on the most sloping parts of our old hardwood floors).

    Ranger is just about right for me. Now all I have to do is get used to using it.

  3. Ugh, sorry about that! Hope you get used to it quickly! I also hope you were trained in it's use. I recall my father never using it properly -- always having it in front of him and forgetting to step inside it.

  4. Mad, thanks for the instructions. It took me a couple of tries to stop using it like crutches and to stop taking up too much weight on my arms. I used a borrowed walker for a while, a wheeled walker with a built-in seat in case you were as easily fatigued as I am, so I had a tiny bit of training with that... but it was too wide for the doors in this ancient house. This one is a pretty good compromise. No tennis balls, though! (Did you know one can buy pre-slitted tennis balls specifically for walker use?)



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