Thursday, May 6, 2010

Do Something About Hunger Besides Feeding Your Own Face

Bryan reminds us that in many parts of the country, this Saturday, May 8 is the day the National Association of Letter Carriers... postmen and postwomen... will pick up bags of nonperishable food items which you place near your mailbox at home and take them to the local food pantry. In some cases, drop-off points are available if you wish to bring in larger quantities of food.

Back in the "bad old days" (the Reagan era), I worked coordinating my church's tiny pantry with the main food pantry in town, and I tell you, it makes a dramatic difference in people's lives to receive those few cans and packages in hard times. I'd say we have hard times again now, no? Give what you can. Actually, give what the canning companies can...

Please note that this food drive is a service of the union members, with limited support from USPS, and is not done at government expense. Sip on that, Tea Party cranks!

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