Monday, October 25, 2010

3rd District Court: Florida Lesbians/Gays May Adopt Children

I must have been asleep Friday to have missed this one:

Our latest challenge to the law ended in victory this afternoon when Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum announced that he would not appeal the decision of the 3rd District Court of Appeal striking down the statute. After the court’s powerful decision on September 22, the Florida Department of Children and Families announced that it wouldn’t appeal to the Florida Supreme Court, and Gov. Charlie Crist supported the decision, hailing the court’s ruling as a victory for children. But the attorney general had the option to independently appeal and had indicated that he was exploring that option. With his announcement today, the law is officially dead.
I dance on the law's grave. You see, I've known some gay parents. They are decent, caring people as surely as straight parents. And as the story linked above indicates, some of them are willing to adopt children who may be rejected by society at large... e.g., those with serious diseases such as HIV. Several studies have long since demonstrated that the kids don't turn out any different with gay parents than with straight; only raw bigotry could have resulted in such a law. Now it is gone. Good riddance to it. And once again, thanks to the ACLU; the law would never have been overturned without their effort over more than a decade in five successive trials.

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