Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Money Money Money Mo-ney... MOO-ney - UPDATED

Speaking of campaign contributions, Eugene Robinson tells us about The Cash Cow of Anonymity... mysterious funding organizations, nominally independent but in fact contributors to Republican campaigns by seven-to-one over Democrats... who don't even need to identify themselves, because they're nominally issue-specific contributors rather than backers of individual candidates. (Yeah, right.) Robinson points out Americans for Job Security and American Future Fund, each of which has spent around $7 million in "independent" campaign contributions, the vast majority of it to Republicans. Please read the article to see how your alleged democracy is being anonymously bought and sold out from under you.

UPDATE: via David Dayen of Firedoglake, we have Zach Carter of Campaign for America's Future, providing us a list of members of Congress who took campaign money from banksters, voted for the TARP bailout, and voted against the financial regulation bill, and how much each received, both in 2010 and over their entire careers. All data is from opensecrets.org . The list is an eyeful, but there are truly no surprises. Here's a hint: all the Senators were Republicans. A few Democrats in the House voted for/against. Something like this has probably happened a few times in history, but face it: Wall Street was able to take advantage of a blank check immediately, thanks overwhelmingly to congressional Republicans. Thanks a lot, Party of Responsibility!


  1. Fascism is very expensive, but cheaper than socialism.

  2. mandt, did you read this before or after the update?

  3. Just a sardonic quip my friend. The corruption is only one heartbeat away from roadkill.



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