Friday, October 22, 2010

More On Voter Intimidation Allegations In Harris County

Our Republican County Clerk says it never happened. More than a dozen minority voters say it did indeed happen. Ryan J. Reilly of TPMMuckraker has the details. Believe whomever you will, it's clear that nothing will be done to stop any such activity that is happening.

Poll-watchers take note: there's a distinction between poll-watching and voter intimidation. It should not be difficult to determine the limits to poll-watching: everyone who is vetted by a poll worker against the official list should be able to vote unimpeded and in privacy. Anything else is harassment.

If someone had attempted to stop me from voting, or had looked over my shoulder, or followed me away from the polls, I think I just might have become physically violent. Poll-watchers: I am 62 years old, crippled and get around on a shiny blue walker; please take note that if you try to intimidate me I may remove some of your teeth.


  1. Not a good idea, ellroon. Besides, see the next post... I don't have big enough (bleep)!



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