Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How Badly Are The Democrats In Trouble?

Badly enough. Read Glenn Greenwald for details, including quotes from and links to many worthwhile articles. Greenwald's conclusion:
The claim that dissatisfaction among Democrats is confined to a "couple of blogs" might advance [American Prospect executive editor Mark] Schmitt's political objectives.  Given the human craving to make perceptions correspond with desires, it likely makes him feel good to believe that it's true.  But it's so plainly false that it's hard to believe that anyone could say it with a straight face, let alone believe that it will help anything -- their Party or themselves -- to claim it.  As a general proposition, papering over serious problems -- pretending they do not exist -- is never constructive, and that's certainly true when it comes to a Party's political failures.  Worst of all, making this claim obscures a very important truth that ought to be promoted and amplified, one which the establishment media ("move to the Right!") will do its best to deny after November:  Democrats do themselves no favors when they ignore the wishes, values and agenda of their "base":  i.e., those who are most responsible for their being in power.  Quite the opposite is true.
 Emphasis mine. I wish I had been given a good reason to vote for Democrats, but instead I've been given a sharp stick in the eye by the leaders of the party and by Obama himself. I will vote for some local and state Democrats in this election... but not out of party loyalty, because any loyalty I felt has been deliberately destroyed by the Obama crew. Maybe it's time for a separate progressive/liberal party.

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