Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Good, The Bad, And The Horribly Ugly

Christine O'Donnell seems not to understand that a Senate election is a public event; her staff threatened to sue radio station WDEL if they posted an interview with her online. Fortunately... "The Good" of the title... she is far behind Chris Coons in her race for U.S. Senate from Delaware.

"The Bad" news: the highly praised Joe Sestak hasn't quite yet caught up with radical Pat Toomey in the U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania.

"The Ugly " news: Sharron Angle has regained the lead from Harry Reid in Nevada. Now I couldn't care less if Harry Reid headed off to a much-needed retirement (not that he earned it, but that America needs him to retire). But Sharron Angle... ugh. She wants to whack Social Security. Now that's ugly.


  1. Hi Steve:

    Did you see this yet?

    Whenever these candidates say something deeply stupid in public, I always ask myself "Where the hell are their campaign staff?!" Now I know that their staff are as stupid as they are. I highly recommend reading the comments to the article.

  2. Ms O'Donnell should understand that since she made the decision to become a "public figure" her ability to sue for libel, slander, or invasion of privacy is severely limited by New York Times Co. v. Sullivan.

    The staff attorney for WDEL probably went boat shopping when she made the threat, and the station owners began looking at new equipment, all to be paid for by the counter-suit.

    Obviously not a witch ... she couldn't pass the written.

  3. Constance, Bryan, Mad...

    Constance, I particularly liked Micah's reply (the one in which she finds the letters SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE in Article 1, Sections 1 and 2). Good to see you, btw.

    Bryan, thanks for the ref; I knew a public figure could not sue for libel, but I didn't know that came out of NYT vs Sullivan.

    Mad, I don't know what to think. As I frequently reminded Obama supporters before the 2008 election, hope is not a plan, but I do still have some hope that a majority of even the most disillusioned Americans will exhibit more sanity than we expect.

  4. Sounds like Angle could walk into a post in our government. It's not just social security being whacked though...

  5. jams, Angle is a real piece of work. If you've read any of her proclamations, you know that. I don't believe I've ever known of anyone who ran for Senate who knew less about the history, tradition and just plain mechanics of American government than she does. Reid may be stodgy and reluctant to move, but he understands the rules of the Senate and can... when he wants to... use them effectively. Unfortunately, I have a vivid imagination, and I can imagine what Angle will do if she is elected.



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