Friday, October 29, 2010

Ohio: Mickey D ***ks The Vote

That's right: an Ohio McDonald's franchise is telling its employees how to vote, and threatening them if GOPers don't win. Here's David Dayen of FDL:

Here’s a truly horrific story that shows the state the United States of Corptocracy circa 2010. A McDonald’s franchise in Ohio sent a note in the paychecks of their workers urging them to vote for Republicans in next Tuesday’s elections. And they implicitly threatened to stop all wage and benefit increases if those Republicans do not win, essentially tying the future economic fortunes of their employees to their vote.
Dayen goes on to remind everyone that that sort of behavior is a violation of federal law, and in at least Ohio, state law as well.

These are the indirect consequences of the Citizens United decision: many corporations now believe they can do literally anything. This is just a close relative of being able to spend unlimited money on campaign ads. Corporations believe they own elections, own employees and own the government. Who am I to say they are wrong, after Citizens United. Dayen provides an image of the franchise's note.

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