Monday, October 18, 2010

Early Voting Begins Today

In several states including Texas, early voting begins today. Please see details I posted a couple of weeks ago, including links to appropriate sites to find your polling place and daily schedules for the polls. (Sorry; if you don't yet have a voter certificate it's too late to register before the election.)

Voting is painful for me this year. On the one hand, I know a fair number of the local and state Democratic candidates, including many that I shall cheerfully vote for. On the other hand, there's the national Democratic Party, apparently wholly owned by its corporate contributors, but still not taking in enough money to compete with Republicans that way... incompetence even when selling out is not an admirable matter. Yes, I know there's a Green Party; you don't need to explain it to me... at least here, the Greens are even less effective than the Democrats. At least the Tea Party is not a big deal in my neck of the woods, though there are other necks of other woods in Texas where they thrive.

Please go vote while you're still able to do so. It may not have much influence on the actual governance of your state and nation, but it's still all we've got. And if you don't vote, you haven't any right to complain for at least two years.

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