Saturday, January 1, 2011

Retired, 'Un-Tired,' Or Just Plain Tired?

Recently retired syndicated columnist Ellen Goodman, always a favorite of mine, examines the possibilities for senior citizens in America.

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  1. Thank you!!! I'm going to pass this on to my fellow Elderblogger buddies.

    I guess I'm retired although I went into it kicking and screaming. And since I retired, I've never turned down temp work like the census. I don't get much SS and can use the extra money. I've become an expert on living frugally and live pretty well on my income.

    If I get busy and actually finish The Great American Novel or do the autobiography friends think I should write and find an interested publisher, it would make things better but I still doubt I'd change much. I like being old -- it's a very freeing time of life. And I have time to do all sorts of neat things -- like blog my little heart out!



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