Saturday, February 23, 2013

Back Online In My Own Chair

I now have a working Ubuntu Linux 12.04.2 LTS machine, a probably 5-year-old PowerSpec retired when I retired, functional and effectively free, but at a cost: the install DVD (downloaded .ISO) insists that it could not install Ubuntu Linux so it could cohabit with Windows XP. It may be something was wrong with Windows (it was virus-ridden; that's why I retired that already somewhat old computer in the first place), but I had to sacrifice that copy of all my photos. I have several backups if I can only find them. That's one of many things I need to look for. Oh well, at least this box is noticeably faster... Blogger's editor no longer drags down; both processor and memory are adequate to the task.

I did my exercises today. I can really feel the effects, positive and otherwise. Daily exercise is a foreign notion to many programmers, especially old guys like me. But if I want to stay alive and walk on my own two feet (one natural, one purchased), I have to do it.

Time to look for a few more missing items for the computer... sigh!

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