Friday, February 15, 2013

Meteor Hits Russia Steve Hits Floor

OK, the meteor didn't really hit Russia; it exploded over Russia, with a terrifying bang, after which some meteorites did indeed hit Russia. But I did indeed hit the floor: I literally fell out of bed, with a terrifying (for me) crash to the floor. There are no photos or videos of this lesser event; sorry. I bit my upper lip and slightly bruised my good knee; otherwise, I seem undamaged. My stump didn't even have a scratch (thank goodness). The only explanation I can offer is that the bed has a slight crown to it, Stella has put very slick sheets and covers on it, and sometimes I sleep close to the edge. Feel free to make up more entertaining explanations if you like; just remember that I'm in my mid-60s...


  1. (Dammit, bed. You had ONE job!)

    I'm guessing you are still getting used to the imbalance your body has experienced and all the clues your body learned to not fall out of bed have to be relearned.

    Or maybe you were pushed by one of the cats....

    1. ellroon, the changes are ongoing. If it weren't enough that my phone died while I was in hospital, and my computer died (yesterday; I'm borrowing Stella's), my walker (old and hard-used) broke yesterday. I switched to another used walker, made appropriate walker-leg-length adjustments in haste and began accommodating the changes in merely walking around the house, not to mention walking to the driveway to meet the cab to take me to tomorrow's rehab at TIRR Kirby Glen. So it's hardly surprising that the bed doesn't feel the same. I've taken to placing a book on my left side and a clipboard on my right, well short of the edge of the bed, as subtle delimiters of the space available. It's weird, but it works. Anything beats falling out of bed!



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