Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Putts Putz Stopped Here

... and probably not just the putz, but more than a few bucks, stopped here: Last weekend, Obama golfed with oil executives, at the very moment 40,000 protesters besieged the White House regarding the Keystone XL pipeline.

An old union song from almost a century ago came to my mind: Which Side Are You On? (YouTube, Pete Seeger) One could well ask Obama that question, based not only on his campaign promises and inaugural speech, but even on the climate change references in his State of the Union speech... and I, at least, would not feel a great deal of confidence if he were to answer, "Yours!"

It's time to prove that, Mr. President. Stop playing with the petroleum pro's. Stop contributing to climate change!


  1. Obozo is a lost cause, absolutely nothing of any consequence will unfold from this failure of a president, except for the damage of neo-liberal austerity. Check out this excellent article at Counterpunch:

    1. karmanot, please remember to compare Obama's position on women's rights... imperfect but decent on the important aspects... to any Republican's position... execrable. Regarding economics (and apparently environmental issues) you are surely right. Regarding social issues, particularly women's rights... I cannot agree with you.



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