Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Casting The First Stone Stump

The prosthetist came by last evening, pronounced my stump suitable and made a plaster cast from which the socket of my eventual prosthesis will be made. Although the first "draft" of the prosthesis will be crafted this week, and I will "stand" on it (only for test purposes) next week, it may still be months before I am walking regularly on it. Meanwhile, with the obstacles Our House presents, getting out of the house will be an ongoing problem. Stella provides steadfast support, but a person working full-time can only do so much; friend and neighbor George is assisting today in an errand that simply cannot be put off.

Starting a week from today, I have rehab twice a week (soon to expand to three times) at TIRR (The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research... the "T" originally stood for Texas). Insurance pays for most of the rehab, but cab fare being what it is, I could surely use a regular ride to TIRR Kirby Glen that doesn't cost an... oh, never mind; ellroon beat me to that joke. Yes, Houston MetroLift is theoretically a possibility; reality remains to be seen.


  1. A slow process but if you forgive the expression a small step towards mobility

    1. I'll forgive the expression, jams, if you'll forgive all the whining and moaning I do while I'm in rehab! :-)



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