Sunday, February 10, 2013

Poll: GOP Link To NRA Could Cost Party In 2014 Elections

Evan McMorris-Santoro of TPM cites a survey released by Women Donors Network, "a self-described progressive 'community of women philanthropists,' " as showing that "a subset of women voters who usually don’t vote in midterm elections are more likely to vote in 2014 on the issue of gun violence." McMorris-Santoro points to a similar observation by moderate Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-OH) ("moderate" is relative, of course, within the GOP) that the GOP's decision to maintain a close association with the NRA could cost the party dearly in the 2014 elections.

AK-47, Nat'l Museum of Am. Hist.
Let's face it. Americans luvs them some guns, but they don't like mass murders, and we seem to be seeing a lot of those recently. And ready access to high-capacity firearms and clips makes mass murder easy; no two ways about it. The notion that "everybody in the (workplace, classroom, etc.) armed assures everybody safe" is pure BS when "everybody" ... actually, even just one body... is packing semi-automatic or automatic weapons with large magazines. The NRA, once the representative of gun safety among ordinary citizens, has become the visionary of classrooms full of armed adolescents and similarly insane notions. The Second Amendment can be preserved without one of our major political parties falling into the clutches of this society of nut-jobs: the GOP just needs to decide whether it wishes to remain one of our major political parties.


  1. Between Republican attitude towards guns and women, we have a real (pardon the expression) shot at a goo election 2014. (And let's not forget Hispanics.)

    1. Oh, I never forget Hispanics, Mad. Remember, Texas is a "majority minority" state (how I hate that phrase, but it seems to have stuck). Old white Republicans are a minority here, and a dwindling one at that. Yes, I think 2014 could be good... if somehow Mr. O doesn't manage to give away most issues before they come up. (Stella says he's a closet Republican.)



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