Friday, February 1, 2013

I Am The American Economy's New Enemy

Krugman holds welfare queen
According to Paul Krugman, you can ask just about any right-wing nutjob these days: persons with disabilities are the new welfare queens. Never mind that, as Krugman and others readily demonstrate, it simply isn't true; it wasn't true of welfare recipients either.

Meanwhile, I await in vain a government check in my mail, and it just keeps not coming...

FTR, I will in fact apply for Social Security when I am eligible. I'm probably not eligible for Social Security Disability, but if it comes my way, I won't turn down what the radical right sees as undeserved charity, either, because during my working years, I worked my fucking ass off and paid payroll taxes and other taxes to support all of those programs. I don't deserve it? Fuck that shit!

But at this point I have accepted no government money just for still being alive (as the nutjobs see it). The wingnuts can just cross-thread themselves. I'm happy to help them if they're incompetent to do it alone.


  1. I take great pleasure in reminding Repubs, wingnuts and assorted assholes that it delights me to take Social Security and Medicare out of their personal taxes.

    1. Bryan says it well below... where else do they think it comes from if not from tax revenues? To me, the most irritating thing about the Tea Party is their willful and godforsaken ignorance of the most basic facts.

  2. I look at all of those people in the powered chairs at the Tea Party rallies and other Republican events and wonder who those people think is paying for that stuff. It comes from the taxes those people paid in when they were working, just like it does for everyone on Social Security and Medicare.

    You can't feed yourself on what you receive in food stamps, as every politician who ever tried it has found out. There is no one getting rich on the 'welfare' system except the banks who issue the debit cards that are now being used instead of cash or checks.

    People keep thinking that someone else is getting over and living well on imaginary benefits, because they have never bothered to find out how limited the help is.

    Hell, you have to have money to go bankrupt in this benighted country. Donald Trump has cheated creditors multiple times, but normal people don't even have access to the system.

    1. Bryan, the only people who get rich off power wheelchairs (and hover-rounds and such) are vendors of geriatric and medical equipment. There's bound to be even less money in walkers, rollators, canes etc., even for the vendors. People own it for one primary reason: they can't get around without it. Certainly no one buys such a device for recreation. Perhaps there's an exception for equipment advertised on daytime TV, but even there, the consumer can't use more than one HoverRound, so there's no way for him/her to get rich off of it. I'm beginning to think that "TP" is only paper one buys on a roll, and is useful only for wiping one's posterior. Every working person, including the nutjobs, ultimately pays for his/her mobility device; anyone who thinks otherwise isn't looking closely at things.



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