Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Agent Orange-Like Herbicide Soon To Be Approved By USDA, FDA; Only Obama Can Stop It

This dropped in my email box this morning like a Vietnam-era defoliant: Food and Water Watch, which has been fighting this battle for a long while, notes that
The USDA has already approved [this herbicide], and the EPA is likely to approve the herbicide that will be used on these crops soon. Our last chance is to urge President Obama, who has the authority to block the EPA's decision, to act to protect our health and our agriculture.
That's right. President Obama, Dog help us, is our last hope to stop approval of herbicides made to be used on "[c]orn and soybeans genetically engineered to withstand 2,4-D — [which] are on the verge of being approved for use on our food." Here is a general (though not recent) article on the subject. Here is a press release published this week, "Approval of 2,4-D Tolerant Crops Speeds up Agrichemical Treadmill", that has a few more details. Regrettably, Food and Water Watch does not have a standalone web page directly connected with its current petition campaign, but here is the link embedded in my email if you want to try to sign on to the letter to President Obama.


  1. I have just signed !
    This is Agent Orange otherwise "Round-up"
    GMO recently approved in Greece by Maniatis and Venizelos.
    We are f***ed!

    1. Anyway.. I have neither facebook nor a twitter account.
      sorry ..

    2. Enfant, I'm sorry to hear it's also been approved in Greece. Our governments are bought and paid for, and Dow and Monsanto are living their wildest dreams.

      People our age remember Agent Orange from America's Vietnam War; younger people will have heard of it only as ancient history or distant rumor.

      Having a Facebook account is not just useless; it's dangerous... the owners of Facebook regularly state one thing publicly about privacy, then do another thing as soon as everyone's back is turned. Twitter used to be better, but I don't know how they are now. I don't have an account at either one.

    3. Never the less they keep urging us to sign on both.. this is really a disaster ..

  2. “Yes” from EU in the genetically modified maize (06.11.2013)

    The "green light" for the import and the circulation in the market of EU of two mixtures of genetically modified maize, that is intended for animal food, gave today the European Committee.
    With this decision is allowed the circulation in the market of SmartStax, mixture of genetically modified maize of group Monsanto, and PowerCore Maize, a mixture of many of genetically modified maize that is produced by the groups Monsanto and Dow.
    The Committee approved also the sale of pollen for honey, in which are included traces of maize MON810, which are product of group Monsanto and are also alone genetically modified maize the culture of which is allowed in the EU. With this decision amount in the 51 genetically modified organisms which are allowed the import of and the sale in the EU on the diet.
    The group Monsanto has still asked the renewal of permission for the culture of MON810, which had been still granted for 10 years in 1998, however the EU has not decided with regard to this demand.

    The position of our “Genetically Modified ” minister (22 Feb 2014)
    The party of Ecologists of Greens and the Greek NGO, that have declared that they wait for the reaction of minister of "Rural Growth", for the approval that took the “toxic bomb of” Monsanto, rather will need they wait a lot…
    The “Genetically Modified” Athanassios Tsaftaris, diachronic lover and supporter of genetically modified seeds, has factually declared his support for the American colossus Monsanto and in particular for 14 years.
    also (22 Feb 2014)
    The road for the culture genetically modified (GT) maize TC 1507, opened with the decision of Council of General Affairs of EU in the 11/2. The 19 from the 28 states - members of EU voted against the proposal of Commission for the approval of culture of ambiguous TC 1507 and hardly 5 member states in favour this (Britain, Spain, Finland, Estonia, Sweden). Nevertheless was not assembled the essential special majority in order to is rejected the particular proposal. This development causes concern in the ecological organisations, because produced from the American company DuPont Pioneer (specialised in the genetic modified products), TC 1507 can be proved dangerous for concrete species of butterflies and lepidopterans. The fact that it is durable in a particularly toxic weed killer and is used as forage creates concern for its likely repercussions in the human health.

    1. Enfant, it sounds as if the EU makes decisions in a "democratic" fashion the same way the former East Germany was a German "Democratic" Republic, i.e., everybody votes, then the people in charge announce whatever outcome they want no matter which side has a majority. It is so good to see the EU learning how things are done from the fascists! [/sarcasm] Yes, the whole GM technology is going to end up throwing a spanner in the works of everyone's agriculture, including people who reject GM utterly. I suppose it will be a fitting end to an arrogant species...

  3. Big Win! Monsanto Reports $156 Million Loss in Q4 as Farmers Abandon GM Crops

    1. Enfant, thanks for the link. Probably even more important than the judge's denial of Monsanto's permit in Mexico is, more specifically, the ruling that GM soybeans and honey production are incompatible. Every aspect of agriculture... all of it... depends on the bees, and the bees are already endangered by (among other things) certain pesticides. If the bees go, we all go, and there may be no way for us to save ourselves.

  4. "Resident" Obama has a new nick name.... 'President PATHETIC'............



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