Thursday, October 2, 2014

‘They Wonder Why They're Hated’: Video Of Tallahassee Police Tasing 62-Year-Old Black Woman In The Back

That's the reaction of an onlooker: All pretense of civilized behavior vanishes as a Tallahassee officer apparently tells a 62-year-old-woman to turn around, then tases her in the back as she walks away slowly, threatening no one:

(Incident is at about 2:38 into the video.)

Sixty or seventy years ago, we wondered what it felt like to be confronted by the Gestapo. Now we can simply look out our windows...

This cannot continue. This. Can. Not. Continue.

(Via Shaun King at Kos.)


  1. Yet a new one:
    Cop Shoots 62-year-old Woman in The Back With Stun Gun 1min 35sec

    Tallahassee Officer Shoots 62 year old Woman With Stun Gun ( FULL VIDEO) Tallahassee police officer uses stun gun on 62-year-old woman Florida Police Raw: Fla Officer Investigated for Stun Gun Use

  2. In Memory: Ceylan Ozalp, Kurdish YPG Fighter

  3. UPDATE: German Magazine BILD Features Ceylan Özalp Story — ‘Peshmerga Fighter: Suicide Out of Fear of ISIS Rape’

  4. But you forgot the most hilarious part. He charged her with resisting arrest (apparently by falling down when he tased her!) and interfering with a police officer in the commission of his duty (by making him walk a whole twenty yards to force her to shut her rude mouth!). I'm surprised he didn't charge her with vandalism against public property when her head hit the pavement....



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