Thursday, October 23, 2014


... has a serious medical problem, not life-threatening, but requiring a huge cast on one leg for 4 to 8 weeks. Her limited mobility keeps her at home most of the time; indeed, we are not sure when she will be able to drive to work again.

Just to complicate matters, her computer monitor blew out overnight late last week, rendering some work from home difficult if not impossible. Today I went to Micro Center to get a replacement; the old monitor lasted 7 years, so I have no complaint... as you know, as computer equipment goes, 7 years is a long lifespan indeed. I replaced it with a Samsung 22" diagonal display, movie-screen proportions (as most all of them are these days). It proved truly plug-compatible: within 5 minutes of plugging it in, I had a perfectly satisfactory Windows main screen. For better or worse (better IMHO), the new monitor has no speakers and no iPod dock; the old monitor's speakers were dog-awful, and Stella's life revolved around the iPod for only about two months several years ago, so she won't miss the iPod dock.

I won't be blogging as much for a while. I already prepared probably half the meals; now, for a while, it's all meals and all cleanups. Trust me: Stella is worth the effort, and she's already done the same for me during my most crippled period a couple years ago.


  1. Oh my gosh------sending good and healing vibs to both of you......peace

  2. give my best wishes to Stella for a quick recovery.

    1. Michael and fallenmonk, Stella thanks you for your kind wishes. She is doing better today than yesterday, as she learns the tricks of maneuvering in her big purple cast (at least the color is one of her favorites!). With the monitor and a VPN to her employer, she is able to do some work from here; that alleviates some stress from her enforced time off.

  3. That is a major bummer and extremely frustrating for the patient. I'll add my thoughts to the others, for a rapid recovery.

    BTW, I agree about the in monitor speakers. The cheapest externals have much better sound, and I'm including those in some rather expensive televisions.

    1. Bryan, my thanks, and Stella's, for your good wishes. The old monitor was a ViewSonic, my own personal favorite (though at this point mine has outlasted hers), but despite the excellent video quality, the speakers were unbearably awful for anything except speech, and nothing would improve them even a little bit. Stella used (and uses) headphones.

      Stella owns a TV less than a year old, a moderately large Samsung. As I am the one who occasionally listens to music through it (the DVD player is the most convenient CD player in that room), I discovered by experiment that there is a "Music" setting somewhere in the menu for the TV sound system; checking that box made a significant improvement, and the setting is sticky across power off/on.

  4. Also:
    My best wishes to Stella for a quick recovery!

    1. Many thanks, Enfant. Stella is having a rough day of it today; we can only hope she is better tomorrow.



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