Friday, October 3, 2014

Michigan GOP Campaign Mailer Bears Phone Number Of Dem Opponent's 91-Year-Old Mother In Hospice

Catherine Thompson at TPM:
A Democratic candidate for the Michigan House said Thursday that the state GOP sent out campaign mailers this week that urged voters to call him to complain about Obamacare.

The hitch: candidate John Fisher said the phone number printed on the mailer connected voters to his 91-year-old mother, who is receiving hospice care.

"To direct people to call a suffering woman who deserves peace and comfort is beyond the pale," Fisher said in a statement, as quoted by "Their lack of ethics and contempt for personal privacy is just another reason for people to question what – or better, who – the Republican Party stands for, so that they can make a wise decision at the ballot box on Nov. 4."

I am more convinced every day: this is who Republicans really are, deep down inside... cruel bastards who would do literally anything to anyone to gain more power. It is not just wrong to negotiate with them, as Mr. Obama wishes: it is wrong to concede them even the smallest point. We must fight, not merely to win elections, but to send this organization of cold, contemptible, morally bankrupt people to the graveyard of history.


  1. Oh no, my friend. These people thrive and profit on the misery of others. The sooner you crawl into your coffin the sooner they can begin to harvest your estate. If sooner means that your last will and testament isn't complete, so much the better for them. No living will? no problem! The hospital and it's staff will harvest your remains prior to submission to the mortuary of your choice. It's not power but PROFIT they crave, They are the ghouls.


    1. Shirt, I've been reading novels by Sara Paretsky. Her protagonist, V.I. Warshawski, is a woman private eye (guess you can't call her a private dick) who works in Chicago, mostly on cases involving insurance fraud and other kinds of financial malfeasance, all the while leading a rough-and-tumble and occasionally romantic life and making necessary use of her Smith & Wesson as the need arises. My point, which I could learn from these superbly written books, is that in the world of crime in the context of government, power is money and money is power. The one confers the other on its holder.

      As to your remark about the hospital and its staff, my parents, first my mother and later my father, forfeited their wedding rings, Mom to a nursing home some months before she died and Dad to a hospital the day he died. If you want to bequeath any salable keepsakes to your children, don't carry those objects with you to either of those establishments.



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