Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Welcome To Hoover's FBI Reborn

AP via TPM: "FBI: We Faked AP Story To Catch Bomb Suspect But Didn't Spoof Newspaper." How virtuous... your government lies to you only when absolutely necessary. Somewhere in Hell, the shade of John Edgar is surely grinning...


  1. U.S. Sends Planes Armed With Depleted Uranium to Middle East

    1. Enfant, if I recall correctly, the US has had trouble with DU radiation affecting its own troops in Iraq at least.

  2. The US had also had trouble with the exposure of its own troops to the atomic bomb in Nevada

    1. Enfant, that was literally before I was born. By unfortunate chance, I was born on the third anniversary of the A-bombing of Hiroshima. Eventually, when I was an adult, I did a great deal of reading about the whole sequence of events leading to the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan and the consequences of those bombs. For about 10 years I worked (indirectly) for a man who had earlier served among the US scientists who studied the consequences of those bombs... not that I worked on that research, but my proximity to him, along with my unfortunate birthday, led me to ponder the subject at length. Yes, many American soldiers suffered the after-effects of bomb tests for decades.

      My father used to assert that because he was scheduled to be posted to the Japanese theater in W.W.II, I might never have been born if not for those bombs; the most credible history, however, indicates that Japan would soon have surrendered in any case. No one asked me, of course; I was not here at the time.



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