Tuesday, October 28, 2014

November March — Doggerel!

November March
Vote... vote... vote... vote...
If Donkey or Elephant, monkey or stoat,
If eagle or pigeon, but not a Pet Goat,
Go vote... vote... vote... vote!

Vote... vote... vote... vote...
Ignore the commercial with five-second quote
And shades of the Koch Brothers crossing the moat,
Just vote... vote... vote... vote!

Vote... vote... vote... vote...
If not, your opinion is not worth a groat,
You'll have no control of who's bless'd and who's smote,
So vote... vote... vote... vote!

Vote... vote... vote... vote...
Just think of the children on whom you do dote,
Or of your opponents, obscure or of note,
The beam's in their eye, and in yours but a mote,
You're useless unless you are rocking the boat,
Stay home and your policies never will float,
Get out of your house or your hovel or cote,
Go winnow the grain while you're feeling your oat,
Rely on your brain, or a list you may tote,
Use mind or use heart, or just do it by rote,
Steve Bates, 1998
(with adaptations)
Every election is important, but among off-year elections, there may never have been one as important as this one. You have, including today, just four days of early voting, plus Election Day a week from today (Nov. 4), left to make your opinion count. Get off your tails and get out and vote! And if you're a Democrat, or see the necessity of voting that way this election, take a few like-minded friends with you.

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