Monday, October 27, 2014

What Would It Take To Drive A Woman To A ‘Second Amendment Solution’?

Read this opinion piece by Robin Marty at TPM for a few examples of anti-abortion legislation possible (not likely, I think) if we end up with Republicans dominating both houses of Congress.

Remember: under Roe, a woman has a constitutional right to an abortion, subject to some restrictions which the current Congress and Supreme Court seem hellbent on extending. Those efforts notwithstanding, the woman's right is constitutionally protected, as a fundamental right to the integrity of one's own body should be.

Remember also that most of the same zealots who want to ban abortion also want to ban or severely restrict contraception. Even most Republicans whose lives I know anything about use contraception. Banning contraception is madness.

All you anti-abortion women-hating maniacs, think about what your approach means:

You are already prepared to declare women who have miscarriages murderers; several state legislatures have already attempted to do just that (e.g., Kansas, Georgia). (You almost certainly view me, along with every other supporter of a woman's constitutional right to choose abortion, a murderer.)

If you go forward with this... if you render many women and supporters of women's rights murderers under your obscene new laws (or under no law at all, as happened in Dallas in September; please read about this astonishing incident)... if women are already deemed murderers for suffering miscarriage, a phenomenon thought to end 10% to 20% of all pregnancies through no intent of the woman... what do they have left to lose by going after you?

Right. You give women motive, you give them opportunity, and in this society, means are truly no problem. Have a nice day. [/sarcasm]

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