Sunday, May 31, 2015

At Our House, We Got Through The Day Without Water Flooding In

Others in Texas and elsewhere were not so lucky. And even here, it was a near thing: in my first-ever experience with a genuine flash flood, the water level on the patio went from zero to the height of the wooden deck, onward to the top of the metal seal on the bottom of the den window... in under 15 minutes. Many residential neighborhoods in Houston and elsewhere in Texas have been threatened with significant home flooding, not once in a week, but several times a day, or, in the more saturated areas, continuously for days. As I said... Stella and I and the kitties were among the lucky ones; we merely watched the mess on TV.

NOT Our House, thank goodness...
not this time!

A word to the @#$%^& right-wing nutjobs: do you still insist that global climate change is a conspiracy faked by liberals?


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    1. Thanks, Enfant; we were blessed with a close escape this time, but I fear this kind of weather will become more common as the years go by. The financial damage was surely in the billions; the human cost, incalculable. How long will it be before we all have to pick up and go somewhere else? We're not fleeing yet, but Stella and I suffered very little harm this time... I hope we can figure out when to leave before it gets really bad. I've lived here all my life; Stella has lived in Houston since the 1970s... it would not be easy for us to pull up stakes.

  2. VERY relieved for you, Stella and the kitties, Steve!

    1. Thanks for the kind wishes, Elayne, and for stopping by! We are forecast to have almost a week of relatively little rainfall; perhaps things will dry out a bit.

  3. So happy you made it through the floods "unscathed". I remember the rains in Houston --- things can get pretty dramatic ---good to stay out of that kind of drama as much as possible.

    1. c, thanks. Unless you've visited Houston within this past year, you don't remember THESE rains; they're the worst I've seen in my 66 years residing in this increasingly damp city. Yes, this one was much worse than the ones we used to sail our cars through when you lived here.

      Will something be done about it? Not before some very wealthy people suffer actual injury or serious financial damage. That's inevitable, but even then, the commitment to a genuine fix is questionable... I could see the next mayor (Annise Parker is term-limited) just fixing River Oaks and Memorial, and letting every other neighborhood sink into the bayous. We can hope not...



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