Saturday, May 16, 2015

Jailed For Filming The Police While Black
Held 44 hours without charge in an overstuffed, unsanitary cell

It's pretty clear: Baltimore is a really bad place to be simultaneously Black and an activist. The fact that Geremy Faulkner was doing nothing even remotely illegal did not prevent his detention, not merely "along with" miscreants but "instead of" actual violators of law. What did Faulkner do that drew police attention in the first place?

Geremy Faulkner, who turned 18 in February, was videotaping police interaction with looters and bystanders last Monday afternoon at Baltimore’s Mondawmin Mall when he was arrested along with 250 others in the city that day. He spent the next 44 hours in jail, crammed in a small holding cell with as many as twelve men with no beds, no blankets, no pillows, intermittent water (the pipes spewed brown water that the guards suggested they avoid drinking), inadequate food, and no access to an attorney.

He was never charged with a crime.

Please read the rest of Karen Houppert's article at The Nation, linked above. Read it even if you already have "outrage overload" today. View the photo of Baltimore cops. And if you're in Baltimore, pay attention: the life you save may be your own, no matter what you are doing tonight or will be doing tomorrow.

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