Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Flotsam

... a miscellany of items that washed up in the course of the week.

First, a couple from TPM:
Next, several from Firedoglake:
If something else of interest turns up today on one of those sites, I may append it here.


  1. Hope you are not being washed away! Stay safe!

    1. ellroon, we're OK. Rain is very intermittent, though there's a flash flood watch tonight and (especially) tomorrow. We may get high water in the patio, the back yard and the street immediately in front of our house (we seem to be at the low point of the block), but Our House never floods ("yet," I guess I'd better add). Thunderstorms are not so bad; we have a good, ample UPS on our equipment, and the DSL seems to stay up reliably here. I won't say it's a non-event... too many people are suffering real problems across town from us... but I feel fairly confident we will not be flooded here unless the storms get a lot worse. (E.g., I've never heard from long-term residents of tornadoes in this area.)

      How are you? are you safe from fires, holding up through drought, etc.?



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