Saturday, May 16, 2015

Why Do GOPers Hate Trains?

Why indeed?

What an Amtrak locomotive looks like... intact

Amtrak Budget Axed By 20% the Day After Crash

The Real News interviews Matt Taibbi about that very subject: why are congressional GOPers unsupportive of railroads? Watch the video on the linked page for his answer.

This handsome logo was introduced in 1969,
long after my father had abandoned
railroad work for schoolteaching.
(Full disclosure: after returning from W.W. II and being honorably discharged from the US Navy, my father, after working a couple of odd jobs, found his first sustained employment in the railroad freight business, directing the loading and unloading of trains for Missouri Pacific at their warehouse in Houston. I don't have any warm fuzzy feelings for the railroad, but in that part of my childhood I came to see that, trucking and air freight notwithstanding, the railroads are an essential part of America's business infrastructure. So to that extent I suppose I could be called "biased" in opposition to dismantling or neglecting the rail network... though I would call it a policy position on my part rather than mere unsupported prejudice.)

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