Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Texas GOP Legislator Who Loathed Women

Yes, I know: there are quite a number of those. But I think Matt Shaefer (R-Tyler) may take the prize. Here's Leslie Salzillo at Kos:
Last week in Texas, a Republican lawmaker proposed an amendment so outrageous, that even some of his own GOP colleagues were repulsed. Andrea Grimes, with RH Reality, reports:
Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler) put forward an amendment that would make it illegal to terminate a pregnancy after 20 weeks, even if a fetus “has a severe and irreversible abnormality,” effectively forcing families with wanted, but unsustainable pregnancies to carry to term at the behest of the state and against the advice of their doctors or their own wishes.
What would cause a lawmaker to want the government to inflict more emotional pain onto an already grieving family, in addition to adding a major health risk to the mother? Does he not realize a woman can easily die of sepsis by carrying a nonviable fetus?
Schaefer said that suffering is “part of the human condition, since sin entered the world.”
Oh, for fucksake! Where do these people come from? More importantly, how do they hide their vile and odious ignorance long enough to get elected?

For fuck's sake indeed. I've observed over the years that when something like this happens to a male GOPer legislator's own wife (probably to the wife of any male GOPer, legislator or not), they address it in the obvious way: they carve out an exception for the women in their own family. No needless suffering or serious medical danger for their womenfolk; oh, no...

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