Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tasteless Quiz: Rank The Evils In This Story

The story:

Carbon monoxide kills Kentucky couple having sex in car

A man and woman died while having sex in a parked car, WCPO-TV reports.

Paramedics say Violet Iles, 25, and David Long, 32, died when carbon monoxide began leaking into the vehicle through a rusty exhaust pipe. The couple had turned the vehicle on because it was a chilly night.

Long's brother told WPCO-TV he found the bodies while walking his children to their school bus stop.

"I pulled him out and I tried to do CPR on him, and the paramedics tried to talk me through it over the phone," Kevin Long said.

Police are now waiting for a toxicology report to see if alcohol or drugs were in the couple's system. The Sheriff's Department says anyone who plans to spend a long period of time in a parked vehicle should roll down the windows or turn off the vehicle.

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The quiz:

A. This is a story about the evils of...

  1. carbon monoxide
  2. Kentucky
  3. couples
  4. cars
  5. sex
  6. drugs
  7. rock 'n' roll
  8. toxicology
  9. CPR
  10. paramedics
  11. sheriffs
  12. all of the above
  13. none of the above

B. As fluff news items go, this one is...

  1. more entertaining than most
  2. regrettably typical
  3. bow-ring (aptly the name of the Gander, Newfoundland airport)

Thank you for your time. No matter what you answered, you may print your quiz and use it as toilet paper. You are now leaving...

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