Thursday, August 20, 2015

Annoy Your Neighbor Your Neighbor's Attractive Spouse Any Local Airport All Commercial/Private Pilots Just About Anybody ... With Your Very Own DRONE!!

Got $1k or maybe $1.5k to throw away? Have a fondness for flying things, perhaps left over from the model aircraft of your childhood? Enjoy annoying the bejezus out of people of various sorts? Yes? Then take yourself to Micro Center or Amazon and acquire your very own personal DRONE! Be the first in your neighborhood to put some hapless child's eye out, or fly your very own remote-controlled craft through a neighbor's bedroom window! There are almost no laws at this point to restrict you from doing whatever you goddamned well feel like doing with one of these things, so what are you waiting for??? <sarcasm />

Those I've seen pictures of have camera mounts, but I'll bet if you're clever you can modify those to carry a firearm instead. Oh, yes;  the possibilities are limitless... <sigh />


  1. I would suggest a paintball gun, but be sure the paint is biodegradable. If you feel like you have to use a shotgun, use steel shot, number 2. Avoid lead shot for anything. Don't fire unless it's over your property and both the drone and the shot stay on your property. If you can see a camera, use a laser pointer on it.

    1. Bryan - Heh! I've met a few paintballers, and I'm glad I don't have any reason for daily contact with them. I understand the attraction of the activity, but the notion of actually following through and firing paintballs at people with the intent to... well, that is the question, isn't it, WTF are they trying to accomplish, even in the admittedly wide domain of "fun"? I'm sure of one thing: people with hair as thick as mine are less liable to be attracted to paintball... :-)



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