Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Sunday Prayer: Goddamn Donald Trump Straight To Hell

NO, Don-Don, The Other Way!
... even though, like most UU's, I don't believe in a Hell. Send Trump there anyway, for telling Detroit autoworkers they make too much money.

Donald, you use up too much air...
OTOH, if you want to stick around and be the GOP prez candidate, go for it. THEN go to Hell, and take your goddamned party with you.


  1. Replies
    1. Enfant, foxes at least have evolved the cleverness to turn their behavior into a strategy for staying alive; one can have some admiration for foxes. Trump is nothing but a trickster; he has developed a technique for turning his behavior into a perverse method of living off someone else's wealth; there's not a lot to admire about what Trump does!

    2. Donald Trump…Or George Washington?

  2. All I can say about the donald is that he is, as we would say in Bogota, "un patan de siete suelas" ---which translates loosely as an appalling boor. I do think if the rep primary does not choose him, he will run as an independent and get enough votes to "ruin" things for the reps (and otherwise fail spectacularly) which is just fine by me. Personally, I find the republicans pretty scary as a group.Unfortunately, we may have another year of listening to the donald . . . and sadly enough people in this country feel so disenfranchised that they end up following a boor like Trump or the lunatics in the tea party . . . .

    1. A "lout of seven soles"? Does Google Translate really mean "seven souls," or is there something special about feet or footwear in Spanish that connotes obnoxiousness?

      I have never met, f2f, a person as boorish as Donald Trump. There is no one like him, thank goodness. Many wealthy people whom I met in my musicking days, cultured people with some taste in the performing arts, were at least capable of civilized human interaction, whatever other character flaws they exhibited. The Donald... there is no hope for The Donald in that department. The good Dog spare me ever meeting him f2f.

    2. Steve, actually seven soles --- something to do with the thickness of shoe leather . . . and generally in Spanish (at least in Colombia) footwear is used as a stand-in for obnoxiousness. If someone comes off looking like a jerk, you might say, "quedo como un zapato" (he came off looking like a shoe) or even worse "quedo como una chancla vieja" (he came off looking like an old flip-flop).

    3. c, thanks for straightening me out. Colombian culture is not the only one with that convention; if I recall correctly, George W. Bush was speaking at some international meeting when an Iraqi audience member (a reporter?) threw a shoe at him. Bush thought it was hilarious

  3. He's not a stupid man, by any means, and definitely enough of a megalomaniac to put himself and his ego above the needs of the republican party or anyone else for that matter. (no "needs of the many" outweighing the "needs of the one or the few" for the the donald).

    Of course there may be a great deal to be gained if the republican party goes up in flames.

    1. c, it was never a question of intelligence. It probably takes some level of intelligence to make and keep a lot of money; it also takes some level of cunning, a certain amount of meanness of spirit. a level of coldness, etc. One may spend and spend, and be a villain! And you are right, the Donald has nothing of Spock in him. Nothing!

      If the GOP self-immolates, something still meaner will replace it; I guarantee you.



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