Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bill Bates Passed Away,
Twenty Years Ago Today

Editor of college news-
paper, San Marcos, TX
My father, Bill Bates... trained as a journalist, served in combat in W.W.II in the US Navy, worked as a middle school teacher and guidance counselor (his true calling)... passed away on Aug. 1, 1995. It's been 20 years, but to those of us who loved him, his death aches in our hearts as if it happened yesterday.

A word to the wise, gleaned from Dad's death experience: if you smoke, stop now; if you don't smoke, don't start. Here ends the PSA. [/sigh]


  1. You honor your dad wonderfully.

    1. ellroon - my mom too, though it is difficult for me to put aside the experience of her last few years of dementia. On the whole, my folks were wonderful people, and I was lucky to be their child.

    2. RIP Bill. My Dad, Bill also died some years ago. He was my hero, best teacher and in old age, a best friend. It was a wonderful experience during those years to have a mature friendship and know the man behind the Dad. Your tribute warms my heart Steve.

    3. M, your Dad must indeed have been a splendid human being; you yourself are evidence of his goodness. Yes, I had an opportunity to get to know my father as a mature adult; as much as I wish he could have lived longer and made his exit with less pain, I am grateful to have spent time with him at the end. (I did not have the same opportunity with my mother, who died untimely and was not herself in her last few years due to Alzheimer's.)

  2. RIP for your dad.
    And what is: Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA)

    1. Enfant, yes, my dad (and I, for that matter) had PSA tests on a regular basis, but in this case, PSA stands for Public Service Announcement... that acronym is used in the radio/TV business for a noncommercial announcement which a station runs free of charge as part of the station's duty to the community. (Conservative station owners notwithstanding, the rules do state that even a commercial station has certain obligations to the community. If we ever end up with an all-GOP government again, I expect those obligations to vanish immediately.)

  3. Replies
    1. Enfant, I never really answered your question about Prostate-Specific Antigen. And I don't know enough to answer in any detail, except that it is a somewhat unreliable medical test for men, a test that can sometimes forecast prostate cancer. A couple of decades ago, it was recommended that all men have such a test performed periodically, but the target population has now been reduced, and I no longer have such a test without some independent indication that it might come out positive. My dad eventually had prostate cancer, but his lung cancer killed him long before the prostate cancer had a chance to do so.

  4. RIP Bill.

    I remember him fondly!

    1. As indeed he remembered you, cristina. Sometimes I suspect that, without having said so explicitly, he would have been delighted if you and I... ah, well; no use regretting a past that was enjoyable as we lived through it and turned out well enough in its own way eventually.

      I am glad to see you now have a name! But you still lack a profile; would you like some help from me in filling in a few of its details? <grin_duck_run />



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