Thursday, August 13, 2015

Michigan Court: Gun Owners With Permits To Open-Carry May Do So Even In Elementary Schools

Andrew Bradford at Crooks and Liars sources a post from Jameson Parker at Addicting Info, in turn from Gary Ridley at MLive. Here's Ridley:

CLIO, MI – A judge has ruled that a Clio-area father can legally open carry his pistol inside of his daughter's elementary school despite a legal challenge from the school district.

Genesee Circuit Judge Archie Hayman on Monday, Aug. 10, ruled in favor of Kenneth Herman, who filed the lawsuit March 5 in Genesee County Circuit Court against the Clio Area School District after he was denied access to Edgerton Elementary multiple times while attempting to pick up his daughter because he was open-carrying a pistol.


School officials and district attorney, Timothy Mullins, could not be reached for comment on the decision.

As several levels of reporters said, what could go wrong?

So... when the first child DIES killed using a gun wielded by someone licensed for open carry, whose fault is it?

My answer: The guy who open-carries the gun (who happens also to be the plaintiff in this absurd lawsuit). The legislators who wrote the law so sloppily (craftily?) that it allows open carry around very young children. The state judge who contrived this crack‑brained ruling.

The State of Michigan's answer: NOBODY. It's OK with the great State of Michigan if that kid dies.


  1. Dear god. I'd tell the school that they need to inform parents when this Doofus McDickless gun nut is showing up, the school goes into lockdown. Or calls every parent to come get their child out of school and harm's way. Good grief.

    1. ellroon, perhaps there was a day two centuries ago in which a colonialist really was safer if s/he had a gun at hand to prevent the British troops from raping and pillaging at will in their homes. Today, it seems to me, the very quantity of guns not just available but present everywhere in America at any time of day or night endangers every American beyond all reason. You've heard of generals who insist on fighting the last war; gun nuts insist on solving a problem from 200+ years ago using a means that moment to moment threatens the safety of every adult and child in the whole blessed country. It won't do. If we can't modify the 2nd Amendment, at the very least we can enforce strict background checks; there is no constitutionally guaranteed right, not even speech, that lacks reasonable regulation.



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