Sunday, August 16, 2015


Thank goodness we arrived home today at the very moment a downpour started. Carrying in groceries and bottles of my first Two (Three?) Buck Chuck, I was literally soaked to the skin... and delighted to be so! Every day and evening of the coming week is forecast to bring rain. I realize this is not the last manifestation of global climate change, but even to have that initial three-week drought behind us is a great relief.


  1. I personally rather like 2-buck-chuck

    1. Me too, c! My Atlanta-area foodie/political buddy, fallenmonk (see blogroll), introduced me to it online in about 2011; at the time, there was no Trader Joe's yet in Houston, and by the time one was open for business, I was recovering from my amputation and not doing a lot of discretionary shopping anywhere. But I am in better condition now, and the Trader Joe's is where Book Stop (remember Book Stop?) used to be at Alabama and Shepherd, so we finally made a trip there a few days ago. Yeah, (Two/Three)-Buck Chuck is good; at least some varieties, are quite tasty for a price even a retired American may be able to afford. And Trader Joe's also has some great "ethnic" frozen foods (palak paneer, veggie tamales almost as good as what Teotihuacan serves, etc.); we'll definitely be returning for more!

    2. I religiously shop at Trader Joe's. I have yet to find anything that has high fructose sugar in it, and I don't think anything there is directly from China.

    3. ellroon - religiously? Do they sell Pope on a Rope? ;-) (Actually, whatever my inclinations toward Benedict may have been, I have no desire to see Francis on a rope; quite the contrary...) Our Trader Joe's is only about 3 or 4 years old, and this particular day they were doing a HUGE business, to the point where navigating the aisles was a bit scary for even one cripple, and we were two. But we managed, and the haul was worth it!

      I saw very little there that troubled my social conscience (I've learned to ignore meat for sale) and a whole lot of really good food and drink. The staff were exceptionally helpful, both in locating stuff and in transporting purchases to the car... free; they refused a tip... for a couple of elderly cripples. No doubt about it; I'll be a repeat customer!

    4. OT, sort of, the location of Trader Joe's is the old Alabama Theater building, which is where I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show in my (more-or-less) youth and The Sound of Music in my even younger youth.



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