Sunday, August 2, 2015

TX DPS Agents Guarding State Senate Chamber Must All Be Suffering ‘Time-Of-Month’...

... What else could explain their confiscation of tampons from women entering the state Senate gallery? I mean, it's not as if they're protecting public safety; if they were, they'd be confiscating guns instead... oh, wait, if you have a CHP you can carry your piece right into the gallery. For a moment I mistakenly thought we were in the State of Sanity...

Bribe for
TX Senator?
If all those agents are in such desperate need of tampons, surely it would be a kindness on our part to send them a few, preferably for free (though I'll leave that up to you), preferably unused (though that, too, is optional).

Gift-wrapping is unnecessary. Indeed, the male senators would probably prefer your donation not be made in public (which may be a good reason for you to do exactly that...)


  1. OMG! This is beyond insane!!!

    And thanks for your fun Pluto limerick on my blog!

    1. Mad, after you coined the verb "to Pluto," how could I have resisted?

      Yes, the Texas Lege has arguably the just plain weirdest attitude toward women of any gang of public officials I've ever encountered... that, despite the fact that some of them ARE women! What puzzles me is just how the male legislators who are married manage to stay that way...



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