Saturday, August 8, 2015

‘How Do You Solve A Problem Like’ Sharia Christianity Imposed By A Court?

All the complaints one sees about attempts to establish Sharia law in the US pale before actual attempts to enforce Bible-thumping fundamentalist Christianity, such as this one imposed by a state judge in Texas:
Texas Judge: Marry Your Girlfriend Or Go To Jail

By Caitlin Cruz [TPM]...

A Texas judge told one young couple in July to get hitched or have the bridegroom face 15 days in jail for a misdemeanor charge, according to KLTV.

Smith County Judge Randall Rogers told Josten Bundy, 20, to marry his girlfriend, Elizabeth Jaynes, 19, within 30 days or go to jail for 15 days after Bundy punched Jaynes' ex-boyfriend twice in the jaw, the television station reported.

The probation agreement also included writing Bible verses and getting counseling, in addition to the mandatory marriage, according KLTV.

Awwww, gimme a break. Even if one assumes, reasonably enough in a county halfway between Dallas, TX and Shreveport, LA, that both members of the couple are Christian, it is still a violation of the First Amendment to the US Constitution for a state judge to sentence the man to copying Christian Bible verses and engaging in a religious ceremony. No criminal court judge in America has the authority to assign religious behavior to a convict; that violates the Establishment clause... end of story.

That said, marriage is surely the least of the problems that young couple faces... I'd respond with part of one of my favorite Billy Joel songs:
They will tell you you can't sleep alone
   In a strange place
Then they'll tell you you can't sleep
   With somebody else
Ah, but sooner or later you sleep
   In your own space
Either way it's okay
   You wake up with yourself

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