Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Fence Taken

My back neighbor has been wielding a chainsaw along his side of the fence line, removing large tree branches and cutting them up. He has a perfect right to do so, and probably a need as well, given that hurricane season will be approaching sooner than I'd like to think. But...

DAMN, it's hot in this office (my back bedroom)!

My electricity provider sends me a weekly bill summary by email. Between two weeks ago and last week, the usage literally doubled. This summer is gonna hurt, in more ways than one...


  1. My electric provider does the same once a month and keeps congratulating me on what a good girl I am. I really haven't paid much attention to it but here's the kicker on it when I really looked at it: They seem to think that I have electric heat. Not!!!! Think I should tell them?

  2. Is there a way you could get one of those soccer canopy shade things and pitch it against your window? My son did that for the sun into his bedroom and said the temperature dropped noticeably...

  3. Kay, I don't know. Heat is almost... not quite, but almost... irrelevant in my part of the world, even in the middle of what passes for winter.

    Ours is a split system: A/C is electric (boy is it ever; just look at those bills) and heat is gas. The kitchen can go either way; when our stove died, I chose to have it replaced with gas... much to Stella's dismay. But I don't know the consequences of the error your provider has made; I'll have to leave that one up to you.

  4. ellroon, that idea occurred to me. Maybe an awning or external shade of some sort, one that could be easily removed in prep for a hurricane, would help. But the room has three (3) windows, only one of which receives any significant direct sunlight. The problem may not be alleviated by shade.

    I hardly have our trees trimmed at all, except the ones right next to the house and garage, so we still have some shade. This past week was an exceptionally hot week, aside from shade issues... right now, not long before midnight, it's still 75°F outside. This may require some thought. But a shade on that one window is a definite possibility.

  5. Plant a stand of bamboo?

  6. Welcome, paintedjaguar! I didn't know you visited these parts; it's good to see you here!

    We don't own the house; it's a rent house. And there's a good 8-foot wooden fence around the back yard.

    While bamboo did solve the problem in a previous house I rented decades ago, I can't think of a place here that I could plant bamboo which would in any way replace the shade lost when the tree branches were cut.

    And I shouldn't really even complain, considering that those branches could have come crashing through my windows just as easily as through my neighbor's in the event of a hurricane.

    I do like bamboo. I wish I had an excuse to put some up...



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