Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mad Kane...

... has something rather astringent to say about the men of Der Tzitung, the Hasidic newspaper in Brooklyn with a policy against publishing women's pictures so strict that they literally airbrushed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton out of a photo in the White House Situation Room. And of course, Mad being Mad, she rhymes what she says!

What are you doing, why are you still here? Go... read...


  1. If Mad Kane is not writing a follow-up that takes to task Jim Blass and his interminable comment "in response to" her Der Tzitung piece, justice may well be denied.

  2. Welcome, Phil! Is this a sort of coming-out for you? No, not that sort of coming-out, but you know what I mean...

    I presume you read my reply on Mad's thread to Jim-Bob Blass. It may have to do for a short while; it's pretty obvious that Mad is away from her computer at the moment.

    Every writer of doggerel, limericks or whatever sort of rhymed political invective inevitably faces a certain number of Jim-Bobs in his or her career. We just have to live with them, or... I sometimes have fun with them.

    One of the ways I have fun with them is to replace their content with an equivalent quantity of "lorem ipsum" (look it up if you're not a printer by trade or inclination).

    Another way is to "trex" them, i.e., replace their comment with another remark, written from scratch, that is guaranteed to embarrass them. The name comes from the now-retired blogger who called himself T.Rex. I've done that, too.

    Every blogger has his or her criteria for what constitutes trolling and how much of it to tolerate. My tolerance is very limited: there are plenty of other places to post and read right-wing nutsery if people are looking for it, and blogs are free of charge, so there's no reason for me to tolerate crap on the YSS based on some specious free-speech argument. A couple of commenters over the years have even found themselves banned, though I don't do that often.

  3. I don't get much really awful stuff and I don't suffer fools gladly and there are those now and then who are flung into the Dark Forest. Can you tell I've been watching a Harry Potter flick? :)

    And the captcha letters are hogless!!! LOL

  4. Thanks so much for the mention!

    By the way, I stopped by last night and tried to comment on another of your posts, but blogger was apparently down. Glad to see it's back!

    Thanks again!

  5. You're welcome, Mad! See the topmost post above, downstream, "Love 'Em...", for info on where to find newer material. Blogger has never been so "bloggered" as it was last night and most of today.



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