Monday, May 2, 2011

Let The Mythology Begin

From the Guardian: Osama bin Laden corpse photo is fake. They even show the original images of which the fake is a composite. The photo has already been out on the intertubez for two years, in various publications with various labels.

Here we gooooooo...


  1. He died in Tora Bora by an assassin who Bhutto talked to before she was assassinated!!!11!

    He's not dead, he's hanging out with Kenneth Lay in Bush's compound in Paraguay!1!

    Obama must be lying because liberals are pansy waisted latte drinking sandal wearing cowards who love the French and hate manly macho muscle men!11

  2. I started to exclaim, "I never wear sandals!" But then I remembered that my non-booted foot is almost always in a sandal these days...

    If the Guardian were not such a credible news source, I'd put this story in the same category as the ones you recount. But I think there are plenty of reasons that our government never wanted bin Laden to be captured and tried, and I suspect the specious association of this photo with bin Laden's death is a sleight-of-hand worthy of Karl Rove. (Hey, if he'll work for Sweden, he'll work for anybody, even Obama!)

  3. How can we tell? They all look alike. etc and so on.

  4. mandt, not quite... "they all look alike" is what they say about OBama, not OSama!



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