Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Obama Refuses To Release Bin Laden Death Photos

... says (at least) CBS News.

In other news, an estimated 572 photos allegedly of bin Laden's corpse, some obviously faked, immediately appeared on the Web... [/snark]

(Seriously, though: the FBI has announced that at least one email purporting to show bin Laden dead is a carrier of a virus. Be careful what you open.)


  1. A major portion of Republicant Congresscritters from both stables, claimed they had seen the pictures ... until it was pointed out that the pictures haven't been seen by anyone beyond the White House national security people and the members of the operation.

    Then the Republicants had to back off their claims.

    I have had to view too many medical examiners pictures, thank you, I don't need or want to see any more.

    If they have to release something, take pictures of the DNA match, that's better proof anyway.

  2. Kay, Bryan...

    Kay - Me neither! I realize photos had to be taken to prove he was dead (to the extent that photos prove anything in this day and age), but I do not care to see them unless there is a compelling reason for me to do so. As I am in neither the military nor the police force, I can't believe there is such a reason.

    Bryan - those Republan Congress members were certainly left with egg on their faces, weren't they! With your law enforcement and military background, you've had more reason to view autopsy pics etc. than I have, but I simply don't care to see them unless I have to. I've been to enough funerals that I know what people who died of natural causes look like, and I'd just as soon not learn how those who died a violent death appear.



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