Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Killing Him Was The Mission

I don't often send you to Politico, but there are a couple of interesting items in this article:


The SEALs took fire on their way to the compound’s third floor, where bin Laden had been sleeping, officials said. The encounter with bin Laden lasted only seconds, and ended with a kill shot to his face.


“They were told, ‘We think we found Osama bin Laden, and your job is to kill him,’” an official recalled.

So at least in theory, and with some risk, the SEALS presumably could have captured bin Laden... but their specified mission was to kill him. I take that to mean that bin Laden knew things that some Americans did not want said aloud.

How long before WikiLeaks releases the contents of those hard drives? [/snark]


  1. At this point, it's a 'fait accompli' and the why and wherefore doesn't really matter.

    In the grand scheme of things another fanatic will take over and the beat goes on . . . For me, the only question is: Who is our next bogeyman? And unfortunately, I suspect he's right here in our midst.

  2. Kay, I don't agree that the "why and wherefore doesn't really matter."

    Bin Laden was killed extrajudicially. Our president... like his predecessor... seems to have developed a taste for ignoring laws both domestic and international in dealing with people he declares enemies.

    The fact that bin Laden, an undeniably deplorable human being and a self-confessed murderer of thousands, was the target this time is almost incidental... don't forget that Obama has put out a "contract" on an American citizen, without a charge, a trial or a conviction, without the least shred of due process, at least once that we know about for sure.

    Obama could decide to come after me. He could come after you. Unlikely, you say? When the decision is secret and is made by the Executive alone, you just never know.

  3. They have a more complete narrative on what happened that clears up who was shot and why.

    There was a woman killed by cross-fire during the fire fight on the first floor, where the two men were killed.

    The SEALs then went upstairs, and cleared everyone out of the second floor.

    When the first SEAL went through the door on the third floor, he was rushed by bin Laden's wife, and he shot her in the leg.

    Bin Laden was killed by the second SEAL who came through the door.

    The second SEAL would have heard gunshots in front of him, and seen a man. The shot would have been reflexive, and with the tunnel vision that comes with the adrenalin and blood pressure spike of a fire fight, he wouldn't have been able to actually ID the man, nor notice if he was armed. He was probably using a laser sight to make the shot.

    In a fire-fight you lose your peripheral vision and up to 75% of your hearing as your body reroutes blood flow to your muscles.

    After what had already happened, the SEALs would have shot anyone who didn't obviously, and immediately surrender.



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