Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh, Kay...

If you aren't visiting Kay's Thinking Cap at least once a week for her Groaner of the Week, you must be no more than half groan. This week's downright criminally bad pun sent both me and Stella into fits of groaning and shaking our heads!


  1. LOL!!! Mission accomplished!!! I started the GOTW four years ago on a day when I couldn't think of anything to write about and I got such a great response I decided to make it a weekly feature. I love and collect groaners and am a member of the Save the Pun Foundation -- a group of incorrigible punsters (don't incorrige them) who delight in eliciting groooaaannns. I have collected a vast archive of groaners and enjoy sharing them immensely. If you trip across a new one -- please send (email) it along (if I don't already have it) and I will publsh it with full attribution.

    I'm always delighted when I tickle a funny bone. Thanks for the link, my friend!!!!

    Laughter really is the best medicine and in today's political climate we all need a 'good' groooaaannn/giggle!

  2. Ah Well done Steve. Kay's Groaners are gloriously awful!

  3. And, I thought she was going to give him the bird! ---this is much groanier (sp)! rotfl

  4. Steve: Jams has been through many a groooaaannn over the years -- he knows how awful they can get.

    Jams 'gloriously awful' I like that a lot! High praise from from across the pond!

    And mandt? She prolly did but it wasn't in the joke. Glad you enjoyed it. Every Monday without fail, it's there.

  5. Kay, thanks once again for a much-needed groan! jams and mandt, I just discovered Kay's blog a few weeks ago, but I already know to look on Mondays for a good groaner...



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