Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Government By Poll

Obama's poll approval jumped by 9 points in the wake of bin Laden's assassination:

Immediately following the announcement that American forces had killed Osama bin Laden, President Obama's approval rating leapt to its highest level since 2009 in a Washington Post/Pew poll.

In the poll, which was conducted on Monday, 56% of Americans said they approved of Obama's job performance, compared to 38% who said the disapproved. That's a marked turnaround from one month ago, when 47% of Americans gave Obama positive marks on his job performance, while 45% said otherwise.

It worked for GeeDubya Bush; why shouldn't it work for Barry Obama? Americans luuuuuvs them some violence: if a president's approval ratings are slipping, he (or she, someday soon, please?) can always improve them by ordering direct military action. We are not a subtle people, and we (that's the generic "we," not including me) don't want a subtle president.

But time and Rove wait for no man, and I am certain as I sit here that Obama's lead will evaporate long before November 2012: the truths told about him will be bad enough, and the lies will be still worse.


  1. I seriously doubt folks will be able to discern that Obama is taking us 'logically' to the next step in establishing an authoritarian corporate republic. The murder of the world's most hated terrorist is a coup maker. To bad about the collateral damage and all----a woman here, a teenager there. America good, torture good, prisons good,etc..... Nobody will see this extrajudicial killing and its spectacular propaganda theater as the act of an absolutest president acting as both jury, judge, and executioner. Any criticism of Obama is considered vitriolic these days and it is especially disconcerting to hear it from progressives devoted to the Obama cult. But, as one commenter stated recently: " The time for caution has begun," Indeed



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