Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Fat Cat Blogging

Lily has grown rather large, larger than Esther, larger than any cat Our House has ever had in residence...

I am glad I never met Lily's father; he might be rather frightening!


  1. absolutely beautiful kittah odalisque!

  2. jams, mandt...

    jams - that there most certainly is!

    mandt - Lily thanks you!

  3. The good news is that she should stop growing soon.

    That picture of her stretching out on the sliding door was a hint at her size, and now she is adding the muscle.

    Wait until she "fluffs" for the winter.

    She has excellent markings, and might have a bit of Maine Coon in her genes that would easily account for the size.

    She's is cute, but I have a feeling that a belly tickle would probably be suicidal.

  4. Bryan, Lily should indeed be nearing full growth. She's been spayed and she has the mass distribution of a typical adult spayed female cat. Do note that this pic is kind to her (that's why I chose it); in some pics, she looks very balloon-like.

    She is a beautiful cat, as is her mother Esther. Both display hints that they may have some Maine coon in their background.

    Belly tickles? It depends on her waking/sleeping status. If she's ½ asleep, one can stroke her belly with impunity. If she's awake, she's inclined to wield the claws, but not as much as her mother; Esther can sometimes be really wicked with the claws.

    I still stand in amaze of the fact that Lily will stay still and stare straight into the camera for one, two, three, even four shots. This one was #3.



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