Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ann Rmoney And 'You People'

From an ABC interview of Ann Rmoney, as reported by Igor Bobic of TPM:

“We’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and how we live our life,” she said.
Take that, peasants! "You people" have no right to ask us royal personages for details provided by all presidential candidates for several decades. We are not amused!

I am really sick and tired of the plutocratic arrogance of the American "nobility" regarding their roles in government. We damned well have a right to information about people we hire to serve us in public office. Mrs. Rmoney may as well get used to it. And get over herself. And get over her attitude.


  1. Restoring trust after Diamond:

  2. Glass-Steagall and Crédit productif public:

  3. He might as well have said "Vote Romney then f*ck off, scum:

  4. She hasn't applied for a job recently if she thinks this is an unusual requirement. Some employers require money with your job application to pay for a credit check, and that's for a minimum wage job. He hasn't been asked for a urine sample yet, so he should count himself lucky.

    Maybe she would understand if she was told that the 'shareholders' of the 'this corporation' get to make the hiring decisions, and they can ask for whatever they want from job applicants.

  5. Regarding the Romanatons, the words: dancing horses asses comes to mind.

  6. jams, that's almost what she did say, in language only marginally more polite.

  7. Bryan, do you think either of the Rmoneys has ever worked for a living? I mean, held a job, hung on paycheck to paycheck, managed a household budget? One thing I observed in working as a musician at rich people's parties and weddings is that their attitude makes it clear that many of them have NEVER in their lives actually had to earn a living.

    I don't object to someone's good fortune per se. But I do object when that good fortune turns them into royal assholes, which the Rmoneys clearly are.

  8. karmanot, I prefer horses' asses attached to horses, not to government. :-)

  9. Enfant, thanks; this day has gotten away from me, and I'll have to read them tomorrow. Apparently I'm unable to think about Glass-Steagal and string theory in the same day. :-)



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