Monday, July 30, 2012

Dems Draft Platform Containing Marriage Equality

For all my reservations about today's Democratic Party, at least now they're on record, even if belatedly. It's not sufficient, but it was certainly necessary.

BTW, the platform committee vote was unanimous... as it should be.


  1. Romney VS Obama is getting more interesting by the moment.

  2. That it is, karmanot!

    Having been a professional musician in my younger days, I inevitably know a lot of gay people, men and women. Among those were a few permanent couples; some had been together longer than most married straight couples I know. Among those, some had children, either biological or adopted. And some were still closeted, for career reasons or other reasons. It is simply wrong to force such people to live their true lives in the shadows. Marriage should be available to all committed couples... all of them.

    Of all the LGBTQ issues I follow, marriage equality is probably the one I feel strongest about. That the Democratic Party has finally taken up that cause as their own says something important... and very positive... about the party. It's not enough, but it's a start.



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