Sunday, July 1, 2012

On Texas Aggies Crossing The TX-LA Border
Thereby Increasing The Average IQ Of Both States

Via NTodd, we have this shining pile of brilliance documented in the LA Times book blog:

Citing budget concerns, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has signed a $25-billion budget that eliminates almost $900,000 in state funding for its libraries. In a statement, the governor’s chief budget aide, Paul Rainwater, said, “In tight budget times, we prioritized funding for healthcare and education. Operations such as local libraries can be supported with local, not state dollars.”

On Thursday, Library Journal took a look at that assertion. What they found was that while some local parishes may be able to cover the funding gap, others will feel the loss. Rural parishes will face a particularly daunting challenge.

So... will any reporter ask Mitt Romney for a comment on whether he approves of this line item? Will he answer "yes and no"? Has Mitt Romney ever read anything other than a balance sheet or a stock prospectus?


  1. Closing libraries and destroying public education in the Republican equivalent of book burning.

  2. Well ony dam libruls read.What's wrong with rassling?

  3. karmanot - I believe you are right. The 1% want to do more than deprive us of books; they want to beat us down by depriving us generally of education and of access to information by which we could advance ourselves. They are evil. But that's the GOP for you.

  4. jams, Jindal is an odd bird. Living near London and working where you do, you must have met lots of Indians; those I personally know are overwhelmingly in favor of education at least as a tool of personal advancement. So what's with Jindal? I guess the GOP got to him, made him an offer he couldn't refuse. What a fool he was to accept it!



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