Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weather Underground Sold (Out) To
Weather Channel Companies

Yes, it's true:
The announcement on Monday that the Weather Channel Companies, owners of television’s Weather Channel and, would buy one of its rivals, Weather Underground, set off howls of displeasure on social media platforms and around water coolers across the nation. The purchase price was not disclosed.

In the eyes of Weather Underground’s ardent fans, the Weather Channel appears to represent the wrong kind of weather information: personality-driven sunniness and hype, they say, rather than the pure science of data. ...

My first reaction: !@#$%^*!=[]/!!!.

I hope they got a good price. I am still trying to figure out how to sell out, but first I have to figure out just what it is that I have to sell...

UPDATE: I neglected to quote the part of the article informing us that the Weather Channel is "owned by a consortium that includes Comcast, Bain Capital and the Blackstone Group." Charming... Mittens can now ax Wunderground if he chooses to.

UPDATE:  I am experimentally running both Wunderground and WeatherBug widgets in the sidebar. Eventually I will choose one. The weather station for WeatherBug is at the elementary school one block west of me, so the numbers should be about right... as long as the kiddies don't stick their fingers in the works.

UPDATE: WeatherBug's widget seems not to work properly. For now, I'm removing it.

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