Monday, July 30, 2012

Watching The Ivy League Leave

My backyard neighbor is about to replace his house with something presumably more upscale. More power to him; that option isn't open to most of us in these times, and he seems a decent guy. The old house is scheduled for demolition today. That includes knocking down the wooden fence that separates our two yards; it will be replaced after the demolition of the old house and before construction begins on the new one. This could be a noisy morning!

I am not sentimental about a fence. Our side fence fell down in a windstorm a few months ago; its replacement suits me just fine. But I am fond of the ivy growing on the back fence; it looks as if it has been growing there for most of the 60+ years since this house was built. Bye-bye, ivy!

I have been assured that none of the demolition and construction will impact our back yard at all. I have asked them to take particular care that they do not bring down the power lines and comm lines, all on poles in back. I expect no real problems, but if I'm going to be gone from the blog for longer than a day, I'll try to post a note here from the local public library 1½ blocks from here.

UPDATE: Well, OK, it isn't really ivy...


  1. Shirl has cut down our ivy. It was rather out of hand though

  2. jams, things are different on brick structures; I gather ivy can be a structural threat. Wooden fences, OTOH, are at best temporary anyway; those around our yard were pretty well decayed. No matter, though; whatever this stuff is, ivy or not ivy (that is the question?), it grows fast, and I suspect we'll have it again within a couple years.



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