Saturday, July 14, 2012

Judges Question Texas Voter ID Law

A panel of three federal judges (one each appointed by GeeDubya, Bill Clinton and Obama) asked tough questions during closing arguments in the trial examining whether the law is discriminatory under the Voting Rights Act.

This law, a solution to the nonexistent alleged problem of rampant voter fraud, was the GOP-dominated Texas Lege's idea of how to make a red state even redder, but if the questions of the panel are any indication, they may be thwarted in that attempt.

While the political machinery of Texas, gerrymandered to hell by the likes of criminal Tom DeLay and his successors, may lean toward GOP victories, Texans in general are not necessarily overwhelmingly conservative, especially the ethnic communities. If everyone who lives here were permitted to vote without undue burden, portions of the state might turn blue... and apparently the GOP knows that. Stay tuned, and don't assume we're going to lose.


  1. OT: How are you doing? According to the weather y'all have had one of those 'once in a century' floods that are occurring once a decade these days.

    I hope you are managing to stay high and dry.

  2. OT, Bryan, we had a helluva thunderstorm this afternoon, loud and at least an hour long, maybe two hours. Afterward, our back yard was a veritable lake, to a depth I've never seen before, and we were told by the landlord that this property has never flooded to a point of water entering the house. (That record still stands.) But yes, we're high and dry, and it's a partly cloudy late afternoon, even if it's a bit too hot to sit outside.



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